Blue Jeans Democrats believe in an actual democracy, one producing authentic representation for everyday people and a government working for all of us, in place of today’s corrupt political system. Achieving this aim depends on ending the legal bribery of elected officials.


  • Committed to fighting the rapid growth of poverty in Wisconsin through
    • $15 minimum wage
    • Strong social safety net (Badgercare, SNAP, WIC)
  • Committed to a progressive income tax to
    • Adequately fund public education without stressing  low income property owner
    • Make college affordable for ALL Wisconsinites.
  • Committed to clean government that works for everyday people by
    • restoring collective bargaining rights for all workers
    • reforming the “legalized bribery” system of government with a  conflict of interest law preventing legislators from voting on bills  affecting their political donors
    • supporting small businesses and family farmers
    • supporting universal health care initiatives
    • protecting our natural resources